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Sweet friends! You may have noticed this blog space being oh so quiet this month. Well, there is a reason for that. Over the past few weeks I have transitioned to a brand new blog home at

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.37.32 PM

I’m loving the new design!  What do you think?

I have left this sweet place open because we have been pulling all the content to the new site, including images. This takes quite a while. But soon, we will redirect 29 Lincoln Avenue to the new blog. Would you come on over and hang with me in my new space?

I have loved every minute of my time here. I feel like you do when you move to a new house. You go back to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and in the process of cleaning and wrapping up you cry because of all the fond memories you have.

This is true for me here. My first blog baby. Where we met. Where we talked about grace and what we would wear. This is where we bonded over coffee and we met Hope. So many good times.

But, I’m excited about the days ahead, too. So, bring your sweet self over to my new home. Look around. I think you will find it cozy as well. My heart has not changed, just my address!  And, if you want to stay connected be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It will come out at least ever 2nd Tuesday and ever 4th Friday and make its way to your email box.

Did I mention how much I appreciate you being willing to come with me? Yes, it means the world to me.



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What I Wore

There is a reason I do not DIY much of anything. Today, I’m going to tell you a story to illustrate why. I think it will be the first thing you laugh at today and  really, that is OK with me. We need a little more laughter, right?

See those oh so cute denim shorts in the first picture? Yeah, I DIY’d those babies. I am desperate for denim shorts. I saw online somewhere the secret to cutting off your jeans into shorts and I was all over it. I found a pair quickly in my donate stack of clothes. I could not figure out why they were there. They were a lovely pair of Gap jeans and they fit perfectly. Crazy me. These are perfectly good jeans. So I did my thing and wore them that day. They were awesome.

I wore them to a school meeting. (with lots of people)

I wore them to Chick-Fil-A with my girls. (with a whole lot more people)

I was just about to wear them to choir practice at church when I noticed the reason they were in my donate pile. I found a hole in them. Let’s just say it was obvious and really not in the BEST place for a hole. I wore them all day long. You know, out in public. So just don’t let me DIY again. Remind me of it if I even think of it.

Here is what I wore last week along wit my hole(y) shorts!




Left:  Cardigan (Banana Republic Factory Store), Tank (Loft), Shorts (well – you know), Shoes (Target)

Center: Tank (Loft), Jeans (with appropriate holes thank you – Edie Bauer), Shoes (Target)

Right: A DRESS! (Loft), Shoes (Target)

It is pretty funny around here when I wear a dress. My girls ooh and ahh and tell me I’m pretty. Note to self: Wear more dresses.

Have a super awesome week!



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What I Wore – Stitch Fix


You know I love a Stitch Fix Day. I’ll be honest, I had a Fix sent a couple of months ago but it was not my favorite and I sent it all back. It  happened to be at at time I just could not get up a post about it so that one came and went. But last week, I received a new Fix and here is what they sent and what I kept.

First of all, if you don’t know Stitch Fix is, go here for the full scoop (referral link). Basically, you have a personal stylist who sends you clothes to try on at home. Just you and your crazy four year old—no 3 way mirrors or someone knocking on your door asking what size you need. Stitch Fix knows all that from your profile. You pay them $20 for a styling fee and if you keep anything that fee gets absorbed into the cost of your item. The best part about the whole deal is they allow you referral credit. So if someone signs up through your referral link  you get $25 to shop at Stitch Fix. This is the genius part. I get most of my items for free. FREE is good!

Here is what they sent and I’ll tell you what I kept!


1. Blue shirt and tie dyed maxi skirt: I know this looks amazing. And I’ll be honest it FELT amazing. I was super tempted to keep them both. But, the skirt was way too long. I think you must need to be at least 5’8″ all to pull it off  which I am not. Also it was pretty pricey. The top was great. But the truth is I have a blue shirt like this one (a bit different style) I wear it under sweaters and jackets so I just didn’t need it. Both went back. But yeah for blue. Love the colors!


2. White Shirt: This button up shirt was OK. Nothing special and it did not fit quite right. So, even though I love a good basic shirt, it went back too.


3. Purple Cardigan: OK you know how I love a cardigan. And this one hit the mark. LOVE the color and I don’t have anything purple at all in my closet. Plus, it was 3/4 sleeve which I swoon over. I know it looks a bit odd on the left side, but I promise you it is my camera hold doing that wonky thing. I kept this and it was FREE because of my credit. SCORE!

Also, they sent a brown jeweled top I did not keep and I can’t find a picture of it so maybe I forgot to take it. It was not great.

Overall, I loved the idea of what they sent in this box. They did OK for my look and style. But fit is important and they missed that on the skirt which may have been my favorite item in the box. I’m happy with my cardigan.



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I sat in Panera Saturday morning having just polished off my cinnamon crunch bagel with hazel nut cream cheese ready to write. There is so much to write this summer and I finally found a spot where I could turn on my writing playlist and pour out my heart on the page.

And then it happened.

Tears started to pool up in the corner of my eyes. Again.

“Surely I wouldn’t cry in Panera.” I had thought. But, there I was hiding behind my computer screen again.

Familiar tears. It seems like I have cried rivers over the past year for different reasons.





These have all been sources of my inability to keep my waterproof mascara in place. This week it had more to do with words written for moms. But, as I wrote I realized they were also for this mom, too. These hope words are dear to me. Dear to me I tell you.  I’ve poured them out and re-written them so many times over the past three years. I almost feel like they are part of my family. They are both familiar and soul stirring. They are also new and healing. At times I read words I know I wrote months ago and they fall fresh on my heart. I‘ve prayed God would allow me to write words that move people, but lately it seems I’m the person being moved. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it is the truth.

Truth. This is also what I need most now. I need to stand on truth from God’s Word and to hear him speak boldly to my heart. I need to swim in in fact.  Guess what I’m working on this summer in addition to the edits on “Hope”:  A book on Truth for moms. Funny how he just knows and planned it out accordingly. Every day a new truth for me to sink into and press my ear to his heart and say, “What about this one, Lord?” I’m being caught up in the wonder of it all.

And yes, I’m crying about that, too. But then again, you probably figured that to be the case.



P.S. Thanks for your prayers and patience this summer. So many words are being tucked in other places for later days. If you want to keep up with me in the now, why not join us on Facebook? I love popping into that space to chat.



What I Wore #idhtbptbb

“Just like it would be tragic if we thought we had to live our lives with our hair in a perfectly messy bun while wearing a wedding gown and a hurty pair of heels. It is hard to be creative in an office that can never look messy. That’s not its purpose. And its’ impossible to snuggle with your sick baby on the sofa in a wedding gown and hurty heels.” Myquillyn Smith

Have I mentioned how much I love Myquillyn Smith (AKA ‘The Nester) and her new book The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect to Be Beautiful? I have always been a fan of her blog and always find her inspiring. This book, is like a breath of fresh air. I have had so many conversations about it lately. I also accidentally purchased several copies of the book because I wanted to be sure I had a copy on hand. As it turns out, I now have 3.

Why am I mentioning this on What I Wore day? It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful  (#idhtbptbb)speaks to me friends. I don’t do designer. I am probably not going anywhere special on any given day. Most likely if you bump into me at Target there will be something imperfect about what I’m wearing. I am notorious for spilling my morning coffee on my white clothing and my four year old likes to hug me after she has eaten a super sticky mess of a treat. Oh, and I rarely iron.


Also, what I wear on my hair lately.

Still, I’m trying to pull together a few clothing items for my wardrobe that feel like me and are wearable in every day life. I could give up and just live in graphic t’s (which I do like from time to time) or sweat pants because I can’t afford to buy all the style must haves each season. It is probable I’ll never be photographed for a magazine or asked to endorse my own line of cardigans (sigh).

Girls. We don’t have to be perfect. But we can love our style whether it is from Target, Goodwill, or a really good sale at the Mall. We can get up, get dressed, and be imperfectly beautiful in every way. We can have fun with what we wear and mix it up and be inspired by many things.

We can do that! Here is what I wore this week!


Left: Sweater (Loft), Top (Stitchfix), Jeans (CAbi) – for a meeting at church

Center: Top (Stitchfix), Shorts (Loft), Shoes (Target) – for shakes and burgers and a fun kids musical!

Right: Sweater (Banana Republic Factory Store), Tank (Loft), Jeans (Lucky Brand), Shoes (Target) – for a GNO with a new author friend


Giveaway: So, because I LOVE this book and it has totally blessed me, I’m giving away one of my copies today! Just leave a comment and tell me what inspired you to be imperfectly beautiful. Also if you share on any social media channel leave an extra comment! Honor system of course. I’ll pick one winner on Sunday and notify by email! Please only US residents! Thanks loves!



(Find the book *here)

*affiliate link = if you click and buy at no extra cost to you I get a small compensation.

What I Wore

Remember last time when I told you all about why I post What I Wore each week? Well this week I totally forgot to take pictures. Like it just didn’t happen. Ya’ll it must be summer. I promise I got up and got dressed. Now grant it, many of those days I was dressing for the swimming pool. I will not in any way be posting those pictures. No way, no how. I managed to take one picture. One lonely What I Wore picture.

The good news is I love this one outfit. I’m going to tell you why:

1. Most of the items are not new.

2. The color! Girl, I love this blue.

3.  The necklace is my new go to. It says, “Hope” and I just love it.

4. You know how I feel about jeans.

So here it is. My one picture. wiww061113.jpg

Next week I promise I’ll be a What I Wore photo taking ninja.

Unless of course the pool thing happens again. Ahh, summer.



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