Grace for the Good Girl

Are you a Good Girl? Well, you might be if you:

  • Use the word should, like a lot.
  • Identify with the dinosaur in Toys Story and guilt drives you.
  • You are always, fine.
  • You have a hard time asking for help.
  • No one really knows the conversation going on in your head.
  • Fear dominates your life.
  • The worst thing in the world is failure.
  • You are so. so. tired.
  • You burst into tears just reading the title of this book.

Last May, I had the chance to read a preview copy of Grace for the Good Girl, by Emily Freeman. It broke me wide open and turned me inside out. This book is a life changer.  I don’t know if you are a self proclaimed Good Girl or not.  But there is something in this book for every girl who thinks she is not enough and wants to breathe Grace.  Yes, this one is for you.

I have not met Emily in real life, but somehow she managed to pen a message straight from God that resonates rich and true in my life. She put her heart on a page and took mine along for the ride, as well.

In the midst of coping and living out my life without so much as a clue as to how to unravel the story, Grace for the Good Girl found me. With book in hand, I’m opening doors in my heart that hold stuff I thought I’d dealt with. I’m facing the Good Girl and looking her straight in the eye. But this time, I have a friend, a tribe.

—Stacey Thacker (that’s me….)

I am thrilled to be giving a copy of this book away today to one Good Girl who leaves a comment. Or maybe, you are a not Good enough girl and you want to know desperately that Grace is calling your name as well.  To enter, leave a comment and tell me why you want to read this book or who you would share it with. Post it on Facebook and or Tweet about it, and you can give yourself an extra comment. I will announce the winner on Friday!

: : :

This Thursday and Friday, I will be sharing a little bit of my personal Good Girl story. Cause, you know I have one.  Next Tuesday, we will discuss part one of Grace for the Good Girl.  I’ll be the one blubbering on the screen wiping the tears from my eyes trying to type.  How can you resist an invitation like that? I do hope you will join me!

{Full disclosure: I received a preview copy as well as 2 complete copies (one for me and one to give away here) of Grace for The Good Girl and was asked to review it.  All opinions are my own.  In fact, I would have read it anyway.}

: : :

Emily Freeman is a writer who loves to read and a speaker who would rather listen. She writes for DaySpring (a division of Hallmark) and has also traveled as a writer with Compassion International to raise awareness for the needs of children in poverty around the world. She attended Columbia International University to study the Bible and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she earned a degree in Educational Interpreting for the Deaf. She is married to John, a student ministries pastor, and together they live in North Carolina with their three children. Emily extends a daily invitation on her blog for women to create space for their souls to breathe. Come join the community of grace dwellers at

Available September 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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  1. Okay, time to be honest. Woke up late today— grumpy attitude with 3 kids jumping on my bed. I thought…I totally should’ve woken up early. I’m tired. Blah. Grace for the Good Girl sounds right up my alley!! Need to understand how to breathe grace. So excited to read the book!!
    Kyra Goffeney recently posted..Womanly Dominion Wednesdays

  2. Rachel says:

    I just tweeted about it : )

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m a good girl.. but I struggle even typing that… because I “shouldn’t” be a good girl right? And what if people know that I am one? : ) What a mess. Each glimpse I get of this book reaffirms that I need to read this book – so excited that God is working through Emily’s words as he molds and shapes and sanctifies me – and you.

  4. I hope I’m not too late to enter! When I was little I used to pray that God would somehow magically make me a “good girl.” Seriously. Every night. “Please help me to be a good girl.” I still don’t like to rock the boat much. It feels too bad. So I guess I need to read this.

    I have met Emily a couple of times and let me just say that she is as sweet and precious as you can imagine. She’s the real deal.
    Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side recently posted..I’m Giving Myself an F in Multitasking

  5. Lindsey says:

    I’m tired of the battle going on in my mind, of living in fear and doing what others say is right. I’ve been a “bad girl” trying to receive grace for a very long time, but no matter what I do right I just cannot accept the concept of grace and that God truly has forgiven me for all I have done. I’m in the process of learning to give myself grace, but could definitely use this book as a tool!

  6. Tiffany says:

    well…i do in fact, LOVE Emily Freeman. i want to be her real life friend. but besides that, i’m always fine, never asking for help, but secretly telling myself “tiffany, just ask for help….do it, do it.” hard hard stuff. and yes, tears are dripping down my face…i think that about sums it up!

    ps…i’m about to tweet this as well! :)

  7. Never would’ve called myself a “good girl”, just “a mess” :0p
    My husband has mentioned all those “if you” statements up there as things that I need to quit… except the tears part… I keep those hidden :0PP

  8. Kristie says:

    I also tweeted about this giveaway — @mnmommy
    Kristie recently posted..10 Prayers for My 1st Grader

  9. Lisa says:

    I’ve just ordered my copy and Emily has agreed to offering one as a giveaway this week as I launch my new ministry, I’m so pumped to read her story and see where I fit in as a good girl. Honestly, I was definitely a bad girl for a long time, but my gut says I’ve done a pretty good job trying to be a good girl over the last decade. I’m looking forward to see what I can learn!

    Lisa recently posted..Let’s Party ~ Getting to Know ETC.

  10. Gretchen says:

    “No one really knows about the conversation going on in your head.” Yep. I think four people would agree that I need to read this book (my kids, husband and me). (Boy, I just re-read this and realized that that “need to”statement really DOES reveal the good girl here!)

  11. Rachel says:

    I know I need to read this book! I’ve always been considered the good girl, even though I usually consider myself the not-quite-good-enough-girl. I’ve experienced grace for the not-quite-good-enough part of me, but sometimes the just-plain-good part forgets that. Does that make sense? Anyway, my point is that I resonate with the reasons behind this book and have been anticipating it’s release since I first heard Emily was writing it a long time ago.
    Rachel recently posted..The Taskmaster

  12. Nancy says:

    I’m a fifty year-old, gray-haired good girl who grew up in the church, always knowing the rules and where the lines were. Within the past couple of years, I’ve been through a painful crash course in learning just how daily I am a debtor to God’s grace. I have a feeling that Emily, in her beautifully honest writing style, will get at many of the things God has been teaching me.
    Nancy recently posted..Wind and Whispers

  13. Diane Rice says:

    Holy Cow! I’m pretty sure that book was written for me. This just brought back every memory of high school that I had tucked away. I loved going to church and developing a relationship with Christ – but it was not a compliment to always be called “the good girl” because it meant that you didn’t fit in. And it also meant that you always had to try to live up to the perfect image of “the good girl”. Wow – someone else lived my life :) I can’t wait to read it – I think it is a “must read” for me.

  14. Amy says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! @AFthfulJrney

  15. Amy says:

    Would love to win for the simple fact that I need the simple reminder of His Grace! Thank you for the chance!

  16. Kristie says:

    I would love, love, love to win a copy of this book! I read the first chapter, which was available online at Emily’s website, and kept saying, “That’s me! How does she know just how I feel?!?”

    I am also very excited to hear your thoughts on this book and this topic in the coming weeks. I am always so impressed when people are willing to share their true hearts with others. (Especially us “good girls” – we’re not very good at that!)

  17. Carey Bailey says:

    Pick me, me, me. I am a former good girl! But I would love this book to simply remind myself why it is important to stay on the road to recovery. I would share it with the WORLD!!!
    With Joy, Carey
    Carey Bailey recently posted..The long, dark, & winding road.

  18. Heather says:

    I love Emily’s blog and have been looking forward to her book. Your review makes me even more excited!
    Heather recently posted..Barbados Pictures

  19. Rachel says:

    Wow!! Totally me too! I’d love to win this book, but either way, it needs to go on my “to read” list!!
    Rachel recently posted..Multitude Monday….

  20. patty says:

    i would LOVE a copy of this book. as a woman, i think it’s so easy to feel like we just can’t do it all. yet we try to do it all, because we don’t want to fail–or even worse, we don’t want others to see us fail. because if they see us fail, they may think we don’t have it all together, and then they may not see us in the same light anymore….do those lies sound familiar to anyone besides me? i have read emily’s blog for a long time now and know without a doubt that this book is a treasure…….
    patty recently posted..multitude monday….

  21. Renee says:

    Yes, I *almost* burst into tears reading this post! I was raise to be just that “a good girls” the Lord save me in my mid twenties but Grace, of Grace there is so much I would love to learn, maybe this book would help.

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    Renee recently posted..Vintage, where have you been all my life

  22. Barbie says:

    I so need to win this book. I identify with all of your bulleted points. And, as Emily says, I lay down at night and always think about what I could have done better. It’s never good enough (in my eyes). I am hoping to win a copy, but if not, I am definately going to buy one, and maybe a few more to give to my good girl friends.
    Barbie recently posted..His Grace is Enough