Today, I Met (in)Courage

Today, I met (in)Courage.
She drove a hundred miles to chase down community. She smiles as my kids draw chalk pictures and hug her so tight she can’t breathe. I think how fun it is to have her sitting on my sofa, tweeting, and eating my coffee almond fudge ice cream.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She has a sweet southern accent that makes me wish I did, too. Her hands bring coffee with cream and she makes everything lovely. She shares her heart, and makes me want to share mine as well.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She was brave and came alone. She reads words on her laptop and drinks them soul deep. Her eyes shine when she laughs.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She loves Mercy and enjoys making a place for women to gather.  Even when she can’t be there herself, she sends parts of her heart and prays as we meet.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She has passion and a God sized dream and she says it out loud to a room full of new friends. They receive it and give her hope back.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She gives precious gifts that will last longer than 3 hours and remind sweet women they are loved, cherished, and daughters of the King.

Today, I met (in)Courage. She is quiet, but inspires a friend to live out her God calling. She is faithful and sweet and the one we all need in our little corner of the world.

Today, I met (in)Courage.
She is a sister. A friend. A mama.
She is a lot like you.
She has a story like me.

Today, I met (in)Courage.
I’m wondering, did you meet her too?

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  1. Susan says:

    This is precious, friend. Your wordsmithing made me feel like I was there! Love your heart for people. :)

  2. Thank you for being (in)courage to so many. Love ya, girl.
    Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam) recently posted..Grocery Guru Workshop, Taste of Home, & Tasty Tuesday

  3. Beautiful post, my friend!
    Stefanie Brown recently posted..Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ 10 Reasons Why I Celebrate the Gift of Motherhood

  4. Dear Stacey,

    How funny to see your post right next to mine, to see my day on your blog and to KNOW you today! I hope this beautiful day is full of encouragement for you to keep and share, all over again. Many thanks for a lovely morning of (in)RL.

    Have a good week, neighbor!

    Wild Optimist

  5. Sharon O says:

    Good words, we all need each other and that was powerful.


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