5 Things I Learned in December


December had more activities than it had days to do them. I’m pretty sure I hit the wall a few days ago after the last present was unwrapped. I don’t know about you but I can’t put two sentences together or make any decisions this week to save my life.  I’m telling you this now just in case my “5 Things I learned” seems a bit thin. I know I learned something in December. But, this is all I remember. Hopefully, a good nap or two and the last Christmas Buckeye will bring the MOJO back. 

1. It is OK to change your mind on some things.

I broke up with my skinny jeans last year and I felt really good about that decision.

This month,I tried on a new pair and my husband said, “Buy them.”  When they went on sale 2 days later, I knew it was a sign. My boots are perfectly happy once again to be paired with the ever so trendy Lolita Skinny Jeans from Lucky Brand.  I think I am, too.


2. Essie Nail polish is a keeper.

It goes on so glossy smooth. Have you used it?  What is your favorite color? I’m wearing a bright red called forever yummy right this very minute. Love it.


3. My husband is a much better present buyer than I am.

I bought him a sweatshirt for Christmas. He bought me new dishes to replace our 20 year old set of Longaberger.  I may have made up for it when I made him blackberry pie with my new pie plate for Christmas dinner.


4. You never forget how to ice skate.

I took my girls skating for the first time this month. 3/4 of them had never been on skates. I’m blaming this on living in Florida. Shockingly, I was the only one to really fall in grand fashion. The falling was not as bad as the getting up. I needed instructions from the skating attendant. Yes, I did.

The falling hurt way worse later in the week because when you are 42 and not 22 things hurt longer when you fall on them. This reminds me,  my kids re-made Taylor Swift’s song and sang it all week – “Feeling 42”. No mercy here friends.


5. 4,000 candles and Silent Night moves me soul deep.

The crazy rush of December gave way to lights held high in worship for the baby born in Bethlehem. He came for the weary ones. He came to shine light in the darkness. He came for me and you.

All is calm. All is bright.

And it gets me every time.



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q. what is one thing you learned in December?



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  1. Barbie says:

    Enjoyed reading your list. I pray you are doing well.
    Barbie recently posted..The Weekend Brew: When Light Speaks

  2. Loved your list! Thinking of you and stopping in…much love to you, friend! xo
    Jacque Watkins recently posted..How to Ditch Your Apathy and Fight for Your Marriage

  3. I’m glad you and skinny jeans are reunited, Stacey! Looking forward to pictures on the next “What I Wore Wednesday”!
    Abbigail Kriebs recently posted..Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf Challenge

  4. Anne says:

    I like your “thin” post. Your writing is delightful! You are brave to get on ice skates. At 50 I’m not sure I have the guts anymore!

  5. I crashed after Christmas, too – it’s a tough gig making sure all the parts of it happen. LOL – I never learned how to ice skate – my anskles always turned in – and # 5 – oh, yes – it was simply beautiful – simply Christmas to the heart! Wishing you blessing in the new year!
    bluecottonmemory recently posted..An Imperfect Christmas

  6. HisFireFly says:

    hushed in worship also…

    haven’t tried Essie but love O.P.I. think they’re related

    blessings on the new year ahead
    HisFireFly recently posted..lessons in December

  7. I don’t think that was thin at all. A lovely post! I heart Lucky brand jeans, as well. But only when they are at Costco. I’ll have to check out the Lolita skinny because my other skinny jeans make me want to cry. That’s not a great way to start the day. Happy New Year!

  8. Scooper says:

    Hi friend! I am so with you on the December-wore-me-out-and-I-am-in-a-coma thing.

    I still can’t believe we were at Disney on the same day! Crazy. Also, I finished your book this week and as I read it, I knew it was the perfect book for a friend who’s in a really hard place right now. Thank you for sharing your message with me so I can share it with her. I love how God has woven his truth through your not-OK places and how He will continue to use your voice and story to encourage others.
    Scooper recently posted..4 Things I Learned in December

    • stacey says:

      Not only that – were on the SAME ride at the SAME time :) how did we miss each other? Oh right — we had kids and about 6,000 people between us! Maybe it is not such a small world after all.

      So glad the book will be passed on! Please let me know what I can do to encourage your friend!

  9. ~Karrilee~ says:

    LOVE this! (and the truth of having no words right about now too!)

    Feeling 42… that is funny! (and merciless!) …this coming from 43!

    Oh and my hubby? We don’t trade gifts… we do stocking stuffers and usually buy a gift for the house/family together. We didn’t do that this year, giving to a charity instead – but I will just say that MY gifts for HIM actually fit IN his stocking… his for me? Not so much! (He won too!)

    Joining you over at Emily’s link up today! (I totally cheated and referred back to my fb and twitter feeds to remember what I learned!)

    ~Karrilee~ recently posted..What I Learned in December…

  10. Kelly Grace says:

    You lost me at #4, but otherwise I think we’re kindred spirits. Your blog is a thing of beauty and I should have put that in the comments long ago. Happy 2014.
    Kelly Grace recently posted..What I Learned in December

  11. I can get teary-eyed thinking about 1,000 candles and Silent Night! Love you like crazy Stacey!

  12. Kailey says:

    Oh my, number 5? Melts my soul. I wait all year for that moment of lights dimmed and hundreds of people raising their candles to the sky. All is calm, all is bright. Thanks for sharing, I love your list! :)
    Kailey recently posted..Things I Learned in December

  13. I would concur on # 3. No matter how hard I try, he always goes Griswald on me and wins the day.

    I learned to re-love my crock pot in December. It simmered nicely on Christmas Day and made the house a happy place.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year! :)